A Walk by the Sea in Mykonos

(in inches 18″x 36″) ⇓

While in Mykonos I wandered the little streets no wider than a path, but perfect for a stroll.  This subject is a combination of memories of my time on Mykonos Island, Greece.  I paint in oils and in a form of “Realism”, requiring wait time between layers and a full sketch to start, so painting on site is not possible. My photo images remind me of scenes and inspiration to paint.

  For this painting I envisioned my Art Gallery just under the awning, if I lived here, and before I painted this painting, I lived above my real Gallery with an awning and its name upon it, BaywoodGallery.   See below the image of the awning and the texture found in the white walls. 

This is a digital- beveled made by me. It is difficult to get the (actual) entire effect of the beveled edge and keep the horizontal lines concurrent in the curve. When I edit the camera copy for prints I flatten the edges digitally. I have been doing this for a long time and leave as much as I can without altering too much for Prints.

Left side-actual bevel-a very gentle curve allows you to follow the painting from one side to the other even on the wall.

Read about the framing and how I made these beveled-edged and hand stretched Canvases at the bottom of this page or see >Menu> Artists>Mary. All pages here open in a new browser.

After a full sketch in pastel pencil, the painting begins. ⇓


Birds, Clouds,Canvas Texture⇓


Texture in the white⇓

A little more of the teal colored gate/door to the right.⇓

Left side of painting, curve and texture-show sslightly darker for texture (view)⇓

Tall ceilings or not, bright sunlight, or create it with art, Originals or Prints

At the bottom of a stairway or at the end of a hall, this will open a wall with a view

For the print of this painting the horizon line was straightened (the sea) but with the curved wall remained curved as though it was meant to be. For the steps on the lower left, again, I did not straighten the curved lines of the steps for the print , giving it the effect of a curved entry. I try to leave as much as possible on the prints as I can. For the “collector” of Originals Oil Paintings, this Original would be hard to duplicate because of the bevel. is one of a kind. Either way, it’s all done by me from the painting to the print. The next image shows the actual curved corner of this painting along with two other paintings.

Prints are published and printed, flat, without the bevel effect, as seen below ⇓

 Beveled-hardwood frame under the hand stretched canvas-unique curved edges, neatly tucked in corners all handmade by the artist. U.S (domestic) shipping is free. International (Outside the United States) before you purchase send me your postal code information to see if I can help with your standard shipping cost.  Not responsible for any tariff or other taxes that may be due on delivery.

Use this “quick link” here on BaywoodGallery.com to see the next available, Original Oil Painting, “DOWN BY THE SEA IN MYKONOS”


Original Oil Painting, 18″x36″. Frame designed and assembled by the Artist. Painted in Oils over a hand stretched canvas. Frame is hardwood, either Oak, Poplar or Ash and comes ready to hang. This is the Artist’s website, BaywoodGallery.com, maintained by the Artist. Shipping is free within the United States, if you are international read above regarding a possible shipping credit.



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