La Jolla Stroll 24″ x 30″

“LA JOLLA STROLL – Original Oil Painting ~ In the beginning Stages #1 – 24″ x 30″ (this can be a commissioned painting up to a certain point when the detail begins) Painted on a heavy duty Gallery Wrap Canvas. This is the first of my new paintings that will not be on my handmade Canvas frames, but this is the best quality made otherwise~ it’s depth is 1.5” Deep and will be delivered ready to hang with coated wire, flush, at the back.

Inset 2 phase two

The darkest colors are put in first and then layers of lighter colors making the textures and depth come alive. Next are three others to view while I paint more. You can “follow” me and everytime I post a new image you will be notified. Today below the next four images is a back story behind this actual place twenty years ago before it was fully remodeled.

The darks make the painting look very disoriented and you may not be able to visualize the finished painting, but imagine the tiles without a base and the walls with flat paint, or one coat for the window without the illusion of glass. Nothing looks like it has life, but watching the whole painting come to life can be exciting. As the painting progresses, you will will begin to see the detail becoming realistic. As it goes along look for things I decide to change. This painting can still be COMMISSIONED, and your added touches or changes including the name can still be made if you purchase as a commissioned painting. There will be shop titles on the canopies and additions to the glass decanters and bottles sitting on the resting place in front. Originals are only sold on my site here, at

I took a photo of a little shop, part of the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, CA, 20 years ago when I walked up from a Gallery where I had left my painting for exhibition. This is a painting shown in progressive steps, As you know, my Original Oil Paintings can only be sold here. Please bookmark this page or site, because I hope you will want to come back often.


Original Oil Painting, 24″x 30″. Frame designed and assembled by the Artist. Painted in Oils over a hand stretched canvas. Frame is hardwood, either Oak, Poplar or Ash. This is the Artist’s website,, maintained by the Artist. Shipping is free within the United States, if you are international please contact me.


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