“Factory Mouse”


FIRST IN A SERIES OF SIXTEEN “MICE” SKETCHES ~”MICE FACTORY” ~ My mice have very large ears and I have them very busy trying to do human things while accomplishing nothing. But the fun is in looking for the finished product, which is probably never coming. They are always happy and diligent in doing nothing except being happy. I love sketching machinery and the way the gears interact and, well, what else can a mouse do, but keep busy. Look for the rest in this series, including those that involve, what else, but “cheese.”

You are on BaywoodGallery.com on a page showing one of John’s Drawings (Original and Print). John lists his Originals Drawings here for sale as a Guest Artist. On this page you will also see the extra images, closeups, samples of a Canvas Wrap Print, Metal Print, Framed Print and more. The reason for this site and extra images is that the print company, America allows only one image to be displayed for purchasing. My website within their company is BaywoodArtGallery.com that I maintain so you can make a more informed purchase of Prints there and Originals here.

Below,is a Canvas Print, Metal Print and a Framed one just 3 examples of many different kinds of printing that can display John’s Drawings. These and many more are available at BaywoodArtGallery.com  I maintain both sites. You are on, BaywoodGallery.com it has two purposes. One, to show you the closeup images of portions of the prints that you can’t see in the one image that my Print on Demand site shows you. Two, The Print site only sells Prints not Originals. There is a secure pay system here on BaywoodGallery.com at the bottom of each page for purchasing Originals.

Metal Print

If you are ready to purchase a print or specialty item with this “Drawing” displayed on it,, please go to BaywoodArtGallery.com (my site for selling Prints). If you do purchase and would like a A Certificate of Authenticity, signed by John Grden just contact me on the Print site or use the contact form below. It is free and I can match it up with your purchase information, but your address would be helpful to make sure it goes to the correct person receiving the print. Contact me on this site or there, and Thank You!

NEXT PRINT LINK: “INDUSTRIOUS MICE” still under construction 10-6

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