“Still, in Sausalito” ~ (print #609)

“Still in Sausalito” (print #609)

I painted this oil painting from a photo I took of these two “Bird Boats” moored along the docks of Sausalito. CA. These boats have a long history among the fastest racing boats made in San Francisco. Their long heavy keels, keep the sail boats upright in steep turns and high winds. There were about twenty five of these wooden boats made and these two were just waiting to be painted. This painting, now sold, was among my work exhibited at the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival, in California. Prints are available in sizes up to the original size of 30×40 and larger, but contact me with your size request.

Different Format more square than

All the views shown on this page are of an almost square original format of this painting/print, except for the landscape one shown below, right. The more square one is on the left. They are the same size in width but the height in the landscape image is shorter. The landscape view is just a personal preference. This re-formatting of size can be done on most of my inanimate prints. (inanimate images are objects that are stationary or not alive, while people and animals are the opposite Both of these prints are listed separately with the pricing the same at my print website inside Fine Art America on BAYWOODARTGALLERY.COM

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